Create / Off Camera Video Creation

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The Flow

In this video Joey walks you through the overall blueprint to creating a video off camera, i.e. a video not recorded on your camera.

The Tools

Joey talks about the tools and equipment you will need to properly create off camera video content. 

Performing Your Script

In this video you'll learn about how to prepare yourself to record your script (plus an incredible time saving hack).

Edit Your Voiceover 

Watch Joey chop up and edit a voiceover in a matter of minutes! You'll be able to fix your audio files in no time following these techniques. 

Creating Slides

Joey walks you through some simple tricks to creating good looking slides. Don't want your video looking like a PowerPoint presentation? Here's how it's done. 

Recording Your Playback

Joey show's you how to hack your video together faster by recording your voice over and video at the same time. Confused? Watch this!

Edit The Video

Joey walks you through the final phase of stitching the video together and cleaning it up.